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Hey, hey, hey, this is Matt from Mobile Homes Buyer. Just walking you through a quick mobile home inspection. This is the inspection that I would do if I were about to buy a mobile home. I’m just going to walk you through a quick mobile home inspection checklist that I’ve created for myself, and I’ll provide it for all you guys here on the blog post.

Exterior Mobile Home Inspection

So first we’re going to do a quick exterior checklist. Now, you might be wondering why we are going to inspect the outside of the trailer, but it is because a lot of the mobile home parks have in Arizona have exterior criteria. This means, if you purchase a mobile home inside a park, you or the seller will be responsible for all of the repairs to the outside prior to moving into the home. Mobile Homes Buyer recommends speaking with the park prior to making any decisions.  So of the most common exterior repairs are: mobile home skirting, window AC units, roof, carport polls, and landscaping.

mobile home inspection image of mobile home exterior

If you’re an investor, sometimes we’re going to have to do these repairs. If you’re buying to live in the home, sometimes people will sell not telling you that there’s going to be repairs. So just right off the bat, there are a couple of repairs that I’m seeing, one being the landscaping. They might make us do some landscaping here, a cleanup over there. Take a look at the mobile home over here, this trailer would probably need some siding, skirting work. It looks like they’ve had some water damage down below.

My mobile home has a split system AC unit and a pretty nice water heater. I’ve already checked.

Interior Mobile Home Inspection

So once I’m finished with the exterior of the manufactured home; I move to the inside of the mobile home for inspection. This house I have already walked through. So first thing I do when I step in the house is I try to figure out if there’s an odor, because from my experience, if there’s an odor, it’s one of the toughest things to deal with. People typically notice it. I don’t have a very sensitive nose. So maybe if you don’t have a sensitive nose, I recommend bringing along a family member to the viewing. I’ve bought a couple of houses with cigarette smells, and they’re impossible to sell. So that’s one thing to take note of immediately.

The next thing I do is I walk the entire perimeter just to check for soft spots in the mobile home sub flooring. The two main structural issues to check: roof and flooring. So what I would recommend doing is walking the entire perimeter of the mobile home and checking under every window to make sure there’s no water damage, checking in the bathrooms to make sure the floors are solid, and then we’re also going to check under the sink just to make sure there’s no water damage. The shower looks to be like it’s in pretty good shape. It needs a shower head. That’s not a big deal though.

mobile home inspection image of mobile home interior

The next thing, I’ve already checked this one, the electric’s not turned on right now, but the next thing I do after I’ve inspected the entire perimeter of the house, I’m just walking around corners, is I check all the electrical and mechanical systems. So this bathroom, the electric is not on, but I would walk around checking for the outlets. I’d bring a charger to see all the outlets work. I’d just flip every switch to make sure the electric works. Then I turn the water heater on to make sure the water heater works and AC. So I’m just trying to do a thorough inspection of the trailer.

Like I said, this is Matt with Mobile Homes Buyer. I’m going to provide you this checklist just so you can do a mobile home inspection prior to buying your new home. I am sure I forgot a couple of items, but please feel to reach out to my team if you have any questions about performing a thorough mobile home inspection. I’d be more than happy to help you. Give you a list of stuff to check, places to check. My favorite time of doing inspections is actually right after it rains and rained two days ago here, Mesa, Arizona. So I’m not seeing any leaks, which is great.

Like I said, electric’s not turned on right now. So yeah, so this is the mobile home. This is a two bed, two bath. It’s kind of got a weird layout, but it’s a pretty nice house, 2011 Cavco. It’s going to make a great house for somebody. Thanks for watching. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. This is Matt with Mobile Homes Buyer. We buy and sell mobile homes all around the US, primarily the here in Arizona. But like I said, we’re willing to help any family either buy or sell their mobile home. So I feel free to reach out. Talk to you later. Bye.

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